Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arizona...you have my heart!

So today is my first day back in WI after spending a week in AZ.  Its is definitely bitter sweet to be back. I am very happy to be back in my house, spending alone time with the hub, and being able to cuddle with my girls, Ellie Mae and Patience, but I very much miss my family, friends, and Scottsdale Bible Church.  

The whole purpose of the trip was to see my little brother graduate from ASU.  But I did a lot more then that.  This trip had A LOT of high points....mixed with a small low point.  Flying into Phoenix has become such a weird feeling.  Its like flying home...but its not my home anymore :/  While in Phx I had 4 amazing photo shoots!  Each one of them was with a great friend and each one was amazing in its own way. 

I started out shooting one of my friends from long ago.  We met at church years ago and even though our lives are very different and we don't see each other much we still try to get together whenever we can.  Her name is Lina and she, along with her husband Cole, are expecting their first child.  Its a girl!  And they are planning on naming her Gabbi!  So cute, I know!  Here is a quick teaser from her shoot.  (I will post more pictures from all the shoots later in the week)

The second shoot I did was for my cousin.  She is just a few years younger then I am and is expecting her first child.  Its a boy!  And his name will be Jaiden!  She is SO CUTE pregnant!!!  She is ALL tummy as you will see!  

(How cute is she?!!!  And if you think, for one second, that doing these two belly shoots didn't make me want to be pregnant you have another thing coming!  I CAN'T WAIT to be preggers!!!  I just hope I can be as cute as these two!)

So as if seeing two beautiful pregnant women wasn't enough, I also got the opportunity to take pictures of the cutest little boy ever!!! (Not helping with the urge to be a mommy!)  His name is Brody and his mother is one of my dearest friends.  She is one of those people who is truly beautiful inside and out.  Brody just started walking and will be 1 in July!  Seriously, he is SO cute!!!  He has the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes and the sweetest disposition!  

The finial shoot was very special to me!  It was graduation pictures for my little brother.  I felt very flattered that he let me take his graduation pictures...seeing as he isn't the biggest fan of having his picture taken.  He is graduating with a teaching degree from ASU.  I am so proud of him and have NO DOUBT that he is going to be a amazing teacher!  How handsome is he?!  

I was very happy with the way all of the shoots turned out!  It really doesn't get any better then doing what you love, having the pictures turn out more amazing then you could imagine, all while hanging out with the people you love!  I am so blessed that God has blessed me with this opportunity!  (Like I said earlier, I will post more of each shoot in older posts.)

Each time I come back from a trip to AZ it gets harder.  Harder to leave a place full of memories and people I love.  BUT!!!  And I hate the BUT!  But I know God has a plan and living in WI is part of it right now.  On Sunday we went to church at Scottsdale Bible with my family.  I love the pastor at this church!  Kevin and I found this church right before we left for WI and since we have been gone my parents have started attending.  It is a ridiculously huge church, but I love it!  The pastor at this church just has such a gift!  On Sunday he was teaching on the book of Philippians.  The whole basis of his sermon that day was struggles and the struggles we go through and how just because we are Christian's that doesn't mean that we won't go through times of struggle.  In fact, he said, this means we could actually go though more struggles because once a person becomes a Christian the target on there back doubles in size.  But he also said that the struggles are good and that they give us room and reason to grow in our faith and trust in God.  ISN'T THAT THE TRUTH!!!  I sat through the sermon thinking, "Geez God, you didn't have to bring me to AZ to preach this message to me.  Next time just send me an email!"  But in all seriousness, I'm pretty sure that the message was for me.  It was exactly what I needed to hear!  That is one of my favorite things about God, he meets you where you are and walks beside you through it all.  Tough as it is right now, and as easy as it would be to just pack everything up and move back to AZ, I know this is where I'm suppose to be right now...like it or not.  I guess my only choice now is to get on board and stay on board.  Its time to take a huge step and try to let go of what I want and understand that God's plan may not include moving back to AZ....but I REALLY hope it does!  (Clearly I'm still working on the last part ;) )

Thanks for listening!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!!  Keep looking for more post with more pictures! Love you all!!!

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