Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Business

I have decided that I(emphasis on the I) think that just having a blog about my business can be...well....a little boring.  I want you to know ME!  My family, my friends.  I want you to know about my life!  Not that my life is all that exciting, cause its really not, but I want you to know more about me then just my photography business :)  Having said that, this post however, will be about my photography business.  Other posts will be about it too, but not all.  I do a whole lot more life right now then photography.  I have big hopes that, that will change in the near future but right now I'm still trying to figure out how to get my business going in a place where I don't know all that many people :/

First things first!  Here is my website that you can check out!  You should really check it out!!!

Second thing!  "LIKE" me on Facebook!  I update that more often then anything else :/ but i'm working on getting them all updated all the time, promise!

Third thing!  You can follow me on twitter!!/elizabethraepic Its @elizabethraepic :)

Fourth thing!  Here are some of my favorites just so you can get an idea :)


Hope that you enjoy my work!  I certainly enjoy doing it and I hope that comes through.  Let me know what you think!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Its all about ME...well at least for this post

Well, since this is the first post I figured I would make it about me!  Just so you can get to know me better :)

1. God is the most important thing in my life
2. My hubby is a very strong #2
3. Ellie Mae and my mom are my best friends!
4. Photography is without a doubt my passion.  Its is a gift from God and everything I do his because of        Him!  If it wasn't for God and my husband I wouldn't be working towards making my dream a reality.
5. God has worked in very cool ways in my life.  I have a few really good stories about he has told me exactly what to do.  I call them BIG RED SIGNS!  (Ask me about them, I love to share!)
6. Baking is another passion of mine!  
7. I love to make my baked goods beautiful! It should taste good AND be pretty!
8. I'm a perfectionist.
9. I'm obsessive-compulsive.
10. I love to sew!
11. My husband cooks dinner more often then I do (he loves to cook FYI).
12. I can't wait to be a mom (no I'm not preggers yet!).
13. I have two younger, but much taller, brothers.
14. I graduated from ASU with a degree in Housing Development.  Not sure I will ever use that :/
15. My favorite color is yellow, but pink is a very close second.

Hm...I'm sure there are a lot more, and more interesting, things about me, but I think that's enough or now.  Plus Modern Family is about to come on and that is my FAVORITE show!!!  I'm sure if you have any questions you will ask ;)

P.S.-16. Modern Family is my favorite show!