Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crazy Love!

Crazy Love

I just finished reading a book called Crazy Love.  You should read it!  It is written by Francis Chan.  I’m still working on digesting all that it has in it.  It is a challenge.

It challenges you to look at the way you live your life as a Christian.  Could you do it better?  Could you do more?  Is there meaning to your life?  Do people know you are a Christian, that you believe in God, that your heart belongs to Him?  How do they know?  What in your life shows this?  He talks about people and tells stories of the radical things people do for Christ or in Christ’s name. 

Like I said, I just finished reading this amazing book and am still digesting it so I’m not quite sure what it means to me yet.  What I do know is that you should read it!!!!

Here are some things that stood out to me:

~Are we asking the creator of the universe to join us on “OUR” journey through this life and follow us where we should go, or are we following HIM?

~Are we fretting and worrying too over figuring out what God’s will and plan is for our life and not listening and obeying the Holy Spirit when it call us to move or do?

~Are we turning what God has done in OTHERS lives into a mold for our own?  Are we allowing God to be creative with us in OUR lives as he is with others in theirs?

~Are we truly in love with God or just His stuff?

These are all very challenging things to me.  All things that really hit home hard.  Things that have me taking a close look at my life, my actions, my thoughts, everything I do and knowing that I could do more and how I should do more.

Read the book! 

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Missy's having a baby!!!

Meet my friend, Melissa Lynn!

I have known Melissa for quite awhile now.  Through the years we have grown closer and become great friends.  I actually had the privilege of standing up in her wedding as a bridesmaid for her!  I adore Melissa and am so excited for her and her husband Matthew.  

Melissa and Matthew are expecting a baby girl!!!  Her name will be Kata Lynn!!!

Hope you enjoy the session because I sure know I did!  Thanks so much Melissa for letting me document this stage in your life!  You truly look great!!! (Its not fair ;))

Hope you enjoyed!  Love these pictures!  Can't wait to meet little miss Kata Lynn!

*Don't forget about the Christmas picture mini-session!!!  Lets book a shoot today!!!