Monday, August 22, 2011

Baking+Photography=Kinda Nerdy!

One day last week I was having a little bit of a rough day.  So, as usual I decided to bake.  My husband calls me an, "emotional baker".  (Can you fell my eye roll and flutter?!)  He sure doesn't seem to mind enjoying the fruits of the "emotional baking" :)  Anyways, I decided on a recipe that I had been dying to try and that was sure to ease my bad day and early signs of PMS, Hostess Cupcakes!  DOES IT GET ANY BETTER?!?!  Not for me!  In the midst of it all I had an over ambitious idea, "I'll document all my steps, do a recipe review and write a blog about it!"  So, with my nifty iPhone in hand I pictured away.  After all was said and done I didn't feel like writing about them but I did edit the pictures I took together in photoshop.  I swear its the photographer in me, but I just can't fathom the idea of posting a picture that doesn't have SOME sort of editing done to it!

Here are the pictures from beginning to end

           Baked                         Filled                        Frosted                 Decorated                  Perfection!

Can you say nerdy?!  But it just makes me so happy!  Every time I look at this it makes me happy!!!  And added benefit, they turned out AWESOME!!!!!

I found the recipe on a blog called, "Pass the Sushi".  Here is the link for it Hostess Cupcakes .  They are easy to make, taste delicious and a show stopper for sure!  The recipe just had the hostess swirl on top but I put my own spin on it and added heart and words like, love and smile.  You could really do a million different things on top of them!  How cute would these be for a baby shower if you were to make the white frosting pink or blue and put words like, baby or boy/girl or love?!  So cute!  I do have a tip, put them in the fridge before serving them!  Call me crazy, but try it before you do ;)

Hope you enjoyed!  Go bake now!
*One last big picture!