Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Best Friends!

Meet Ellie Mae!!!  OR as my brother has so lovingly named her, Ellenor Mabelle. 

Isn't she cute!!!
Look at these puppy pictures!

This was the FIRST day we got her!

Here she is at 6 months!

Oh man I love this dog!!!  She is just so wonderful.  And the saying holds true about her, they say dogs are man's best friend, well she is mine!!!  She drives me absolutely crazy but that aside, she is wonderful!!!  She is loyal, sensitive, sweet, sassy, fun....the list goes on and on!!  I know for sure that she is straight from God and made just for me!!!  Thank you Lord!!! Just thought I would share with you all who I spend most of my days with!  

As for human best friends, I also have the best one of those, also made just for me, and straight from God!!  Thank you again, Lord!!!

(Please note that this picture is very old, from my 21st birthday!)

Meet Carolyn!  She is wonderful!!!  She has been a big part of my life for a long time!!!  She moved to Flagstaff for college, stayed there for awhile and then her and her family (now a family of 5!) moved to Colorado, where they are now.  I miss her SSSOOO much!  She is more like a sister then a friend.  The older sister that speaks words of wisdom into my life exactly when I need it!  AND she doesn't sugar-coat it either, which I love and appreciate!!!  She is SO special to me and I love her so so so much!

Just thought I would share with you two very important ladies in my life!  I think the next lady I will tell you about is my mother!  My all time BFF!!  But I will save that for another day!  

Hope you all are having a blessed day.  Just wanted to send a reminder to appreciate and love on the ones that you love and that love you.  Whether its a puppy dog or the big sister you never had, love on them, appreciate them, and most of all show it to them!

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