Friday, July 15, 2011

WAY past time for a new blog post...Or so i've been told ;)

Alright, alright, alright...time for a blog update!!!  Where to start???

Its been, for the most part, a beautiful summer here in WI.  But there have been a few day of HOT and HUMID weather...NOT FUN!!! Fun fact: the house were renting has no air conditioning :/  So what have we been doing with the beautiful summer?  We have been continuing our weekly walks by the lake.  Its always so beautiful and nice down there!!!  I really love living close to a big body of water!  Kevin and I took a quick vacation to Boston and Vermont.  We saw a lot of family and had a really great time!!!  We also went to Strawberry Fest!  It was all about Strawberries and crafts!!!  Does it get much better?!?!  Alyssa came and visited!!!!  Fourth of July!!!!  Jelly Belly Factory tour!!!  Made a quilt!!!  Joined the iPhone nation!!!  Storm the Bastille!!!  And now we are anticipating the arrival of my MOM!!!!  And in the midst of it all I have been volunteering one day, sometimes two, at the coffee shop at church.

God has been blessing us!  It hasn't been easy, but it is getting easier.  Some day we dash forward...and someday we fly backwards...but in the end, I think we are making progress and moving forward :)!!!

I have pictures of most of our adventures over the last month, but not all.  I PROMISE I will post them!!!  And get better at updating!  So not a huge, long, emotional blog today, more of just and update :)

Thanks for checking in and please continue to do so!!!

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